Road Trip for Cameras: Arizona National Parks & Monuments

When it came time to retire my beloved Canon 5DMII, I decided to take it out for one more spectacular road trip, so I could fill its sensor with colors and textures through one last journey. It deserved a proper farewell tour, and it was time for another “road trip for cameras.”

Although it had traveled to over 50 countries with me, my 5DMII shutter had never opened upon one of the most photographed places right here in the US, the Grand Canyon.

In fact, I had not been there myself since digital cameras appeared on the scene….or iphones for that matter! With an annual National Park pass in hand, I was ready to update my digital stock, and my instagram feed, with the beautiful protected parks of the American southwest.

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Arizona has so many parks, well beyond the Grand Canyon, so it made perfect sense to visit my next-door-neighbor state with camera and iphone (and family and dogs too) by car. Starting at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, we worked our way top to bottom through the state, all the way south to Arizona’s border with Mexico.

And here are the National Parks and Monuments that we visited, as seen through the lens of my 5DMII:

Grand Canyon

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Wupatki National Monument

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Painted Desert National Historic Landmark

Petrified Forest National Park

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Road Trips for Cameras. Check out these other Road Trips: California’s Central Coast, Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, and the Guysborough Galleries.

This post is dedicated to Jambo.


8 thoughts on “Road Trip for Cameras: Arizona National Parks & Monuments

  1. These photos are gorgeous.. I'm loving the cactus ones on your IGTravelThursday feed! Given that it's freeeeeeeeezing here in Toronto, your pictures are making me warm and fuzzy! I haven't been to Arizone since I was 17 so perhaps it's time to start planning a trip.

  2. What an incredible road trip and so many beautiful photos! We visited the Grand Canyon for a couple of days during our spring break 2013 and since then I have wanted to travel more through the American southwest – so much natural beauty!

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