Announcing blog re-design and re-launch coming SOON!

Between travels and editing, find me in the water! Photo: Michael Dixon

Thank you for visiting, I’m still here!

I know it’s been quiet around this page, but I’ve been busy as ever editing lots of photos, shooting video, and writing lots of articles. I’m excited to announce my blog re-launch is just a few weeks away!

I have plenty of newsworthy travels and projects to share. So please stay tuned and I will bring you up to speed.

Be sure to follow my social media accounts which will keep you current with my travels and projects.

@kymri on Instagram

@kymrieels on Instagram – video reels only!

@kymri on twitter

Meanwhile, catch up on my published content here:

A Girls Guide to Cars

Orbitz Travel Blog


Finally, I have been adding content to my photo website, so please visit and explore a destination you’ve been curious about, or check out my surf galleries to see how I pivoted during the pandemic.

Mira Terra Images

Bhutan has just re-opened for tourism in September 2022!


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