Farewell to 2014, Farewell to Hiatus

Yeah, I know. Long time no words. I’ve been on hiatus.

A well-earned moment of downtime in Cuba. Not pictured: mojito.

Oh, if only hiatus looked like this!  While this picture tells a story, there is a much bigger story which it doesn’t tell.  That scene and moment lasted only 5 minutes, but felt like an eternity. Beside me is a folder of paperwork, in the next chairs over lounge some of my clients, er, guests, relaxing with their mojitos and thanking me for “another amazing day” of our People to People journey through Cuba. They were happy, relaxed, and gracious – that was reward enough to grant me these 5 minutes with my feet up. This was a rare moment in my job. I snapped this photo with my iphone to immortalize it. Then I gathered up my paperwork, and left the mojito – which a kind person had just ordered for me – sitting in the sand. Had the wordless story this photo tells been the reality, I may very well still be there, lulled to sleep by the sun and sea, lost in an eternal moment of bliss.

 I know, it’s odd – while most people travel when they go on hiatus, I did just the opposite.

I took a hiatus from travel.

Truth be told, I didn’t stop traveling altogether, I just stopped doing it for others. I traveled for me, and with people who care about me.

I took a hiatus from blogging.

I left my blog alone, and wrote more than I had in years…on real paper, with a pen. There is such an impermanence about writing on paper – all those words can be lost in an instant. That makes every word meaningful. Life is also impermanent – so make every moment meaningful.

I took a hiatus from photography.

No, not really.  But I only picked up the camera when I truly wanted to, and took better pictures.

I took a hiatus from “not acting“.

I stopped traveling long enough to return to the stage for a full-length production run – the US theatrical premiere of Tim Firth’s “Calendar Girls.” I re-learned that I feel just as “at home” on the stage as I do anywhere my travels take me. So yeah, I went on hiatus and did the opposite of what Hollywood actors do on hiatus.  I acted.

I didn’t take a hiatus from social media, but I did it all by phone.

I defaulted to staying connected in ways which I could share easily from my phone – photos on Instagram, and videos on Vine.  Oddly enough, using only my phone during my hiatus has led to greater opportunities as a travel photographer, blogger, and writer. 

So happily, I head out of hiatus and into 2015 with new projects, contracts, and partnerships – all doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing, and that’s everything I love.

So, farewell 2014, farewell hiatus, and welcome to a new year! Wishing everyone peace, joy, and moments of bliss that last an eternity.  Make every moment truly meaningful.

That’s all the words I can squeeze into the remaining hours of 2014…so, without further adieu, Happy New Year! Cheers!


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