Capture the Colour

These may not be the most beautiful or obvious choices, but each tells a story, and gives me the opportunity to share what I was sensing behind the lens when I captured not just the color, but the moment in time.


The winds blow tirelessly along the fringes of Patagonia, where locals endure a brutally cold existence. While the days are long and the light is magical, the air stays damp and the skies are more often gray. However, in the coastal town of Puerto Natales, Chile, I captured a bit of sunshine in the bright yellow paint clinging tenaciously to this weathered home.
More on Patagonia: Spirit Dreams


When the gong rang out indicating lunch time at Chimi Lhakhang Monastery in Bhutan, I poised my camera ready for swarms of students pouring out into the courtyard. Instead I captured red in this precious moment – one young Buddhist monk was the first to skip out the door, well ahead of the others. Clearly, he’d had enough of meditating that morning!
More on Bhutan: Travel Photography Nirvana


The Cultural Complex of the Republic in Brasilia in Brazil is one of many white buildings designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, whose work is anything but ordinary…it’s downright other-worldly. The sun was scorching hot in this planned city laid out smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Turning this moment into a story are two human figures walking in the shadow of the great white “planet” as it appears to set beyond the horizon.
More on Brasilia: A Study in Composition


After combing through endless images of nature’s green in my archives, I thought about the color green as a symbol of the environment and sustainability. I took that thought a bit further and settled on an image that tells a story of a sustainable recycling project. I was visiting the Penduka Development Cooperative in Windhoek, where job skills are taught to the under-privileged women of Namibia so that they may earn a living. These green wine bottles drying in the sun will be recycled into glass beads from which the women make beautiful jewelry to sell.
More on Namibia: By Dune, Full Moon, & Hot Air Balloon


My daughter and I had just gone dog-sledding on a glacier in Alaska, and we were visiting the camp where the pups train and play. My daughter greeted every dog she could find, but when she picked up this adorable husky pup, I just had to capture the matching blue of their eyes.
More on Alaska: Dog-Sledding on a Glacier

This was no quick and easy post, by the way! Take a look at my choices for yellow alone! And the task of choosing 5 other bloggers to participate is no easier than selecting the photos, for there are as many travel bloggers out there as there are images in my archives! That said, here are my nominees:

Matt Long of Landlopers
Erin Halvey of A Sense of Place
JD Andrews of EarthXplorer
Brendan van Son of Brendan’s Adventures
Anabela Salvador George of Jet-Lagged Journeys

Finally, thanks to Vi of Travel Tips for turning me on to this contest via a comment on my recent post, Made In Morocco.


17 thoughts on “Capture the Colour

  1. I love the stories that go with each one of your colour shots! The one of your daughter with the sled dog is precious – I'd have to say that it's my favourite.

  2. OK, the blue picture obviously wins for the cute factor, but I really love the red shot. Probably because I was always way ahead of everybody else when the lunch bell rang too.

  3. I think I would have trouble picking between all those lovely photos too. Your daughter is gorgeous in that photo but I like the red shot as well. I think the story that you've written for it really adds to it.

  4. Love these! Your red photo is gorgeous and I love the matching eye colour in your blue photo. They're great glimpses of colour that aren't obvious. Great job!

  5. Pretty great post. A very good and informative article indeed . It helps me a lot to enhance my knowledge, I really like the way the writer presented his views.

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