Made in Morocco

From the souks of Fes to the D’jeema el Fna of Marrakech, Morocco is an incredible shopping destination. What makes shopping so special here is that in most cases, you can see the workmanship that goes into whatever it is you consider buying, and you can watch and meet the very person who has labored long and hard to create a finished piece.

There is something to be said of a Moroccan artisan selling their work. Pride of craftsmanship goes hand in hand with quality of goods. Whenever I see something I want to buy, I ask “Did you make this?” and suddenly what might initially appear to be a vendor hawking junk becomes a friendly and personal conversation during which they share a pride of skill and labor, and I earn an education into not only the making of a piece, but the person and family behind it. The value (for me anyway) grows as the price gently comes down. Friendly smiles, and a sincere interest and appreciation for the livelihood of another will make for a pleasant shopping experience here when you take the time to look behind the product. Of course, there is plenty of junk out there too, but take a moment to seek out the back corner of a quiet stall or shop and you will discover for yourself that one man’s junk is another man’s prideful labor and livelihood. This is the heart and soul of the shopping experience in Morocco.

Join me on this photo journey through the souks and markets of Morocco to see just a few of the things for sale, and what has gone into making them.

Leather Goods

For Sale:

The tanneries where skins re bleached and dyed

Stretching and softening the hides

Treated and dyed leather


For Sale:

Potter working with clay

Hand-painting designs on ceramics

Painted ready for the kiln


For Sale:

Dying the silk threads

Silk Spools ready for loom

Weaver at loom making silk scarf

Fresh off the looms


For Sale:

ceramic tiles

cut into shapes

laying out pattern

And everything else…





Dedicated to the artisans and craftsmen of Morocco, I appreciate your work and treasure what you make for sale!

For more, visit my full Morocco Image Gallery, and be sure to check in to twitter #Frifotos to see what else is “for sale” around the world!


10 thoughts on “Made in Morocco

  1. Hey that jar in the first picture looks very nice. I'm thinking of turning my new home into a Moroccan-inspired house so that will go well with it.

  2. If Morocco is a person, you would obviously see how his roots are maintained in his personality until today. These goods are just wonderful, no wonder Moroccan houses are very colorful with the tiles they have.

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