Kids Around the World: Hang In There!

Two young girls can’t resist a peak over the wall of the local futbol stadium in Puerto Natales, Chile. Caught in mid-hang, did the little one fall before the other girl got the bike seat under her feet? No! She didn’t! I still can’t figure out how no feet are touching the ground anywhere in the shot.

I took this back in the days of film, and I remember it was the last frame on the roll. It was one of those moments I just grabbed and forgot about, and was pleasantly surprised when back I got the slides back from the lab weeks later. The whole scene unfolded so quickly, by the time I changed rolls both girls were on the bike halfway home, smiles and laughter all the way.

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Happy Photo Friday, and hang in there!


6 thoughts on “Kids Around the World: Hang In There!

  1. But what was happening on the other side of the wall? I love photos like this that tell a little story or make you wonder what is so interesting outside of the frame 🙂

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