Between Travels: Theatrical Production and Publicity Shoot

In case you’re thinking I’m always on the road, I’m thinking it’s about time I share some of the work I do between travels. Every week can be something totally different, but it usually involves one or more of the following subjects: actors/theatre, surfing, dogs, urban wildlife, local events, or kids.

This past weekend I saw an excellent show for which I happened to shoot the publicity stills a few weeks back. I felt the actors, and the production, deserved as much publicity as they could get, so I decided to feature them on my blog this week!

So without further adieu, here are Kevin Six, Tom Hall, and Tyler Richards Hewes in the Lotus Theatre Collective and Talent 2 Amuse’s production of:

“The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged”
Images by Kymri Wilt

The shows runs through August 29 at Swedenborg Hall, directed by Sophie Anderson-Ziebell. For reviews and ticket information, visit the Lotus Theatre Collective website.


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