Happy Bastille Day! A Tribute to Paris in Moods

My very first trip overseas landed me in France, where I celebrated both Bastille Day and my 16th birthday all in the same week, in Paris. I still remember being addressed as “mademoiselle”…sigh. Even as a “madame” now, Paris will always hold a special place in my heart, and will always be photogenic in my eyes. Every time I visit Paris, j’ai quinze ans encore. So to honor Bastille Day, I’m sharing a photographic tribute to the iconic sights of Paris, in three moods (taken on most recent return to Paris in April of this year):

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral

Scenes of the Seine

The Flower Market

And because the camera is meant to be turned:

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral

Scenes of the Seine

The Flower Market

At any age, Paris doesn’t care if you’re here or not, if you’re old or not; but you can’t help caring that you are in Paris.

For more words on Paris, see France – Paris Encore.
For more words on France, and photography, see Riviera en Hiver.

For more photos, see my Images of France Gallery.

Merci! And Happy Bastille Day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Bastille Day! A Tribute to Paris in Moods

  1. Hope one day I can visit Paris. Your pictures show how beautiful Paris are. The Eiffel Tower looks really awesome. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Above pictures are enough to demonstrate that how beautiful the Paris is. Luckily, I also got the chance to visit Paris last year. We were five couples and it was really a wonderful experience to explore the beauty and charm of this attractive place. Paris is the most romantic place in this universe I must say. Artistic monuments, attractive sites, stunning hotels, comfortable Paris apartments, delicious food, and beautiful gardens all make Paris a perfect family holiday destination.

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