Road Trip for Cameras: The Guysborough Gallery (part II)

Some would argue that the right weather can make any place beautiful. But Guysborough has proved to me it’s the other way around. The right place can make any weather beautiful.

The sky was blue and the sun was shining strong. Under these circumstances, it can be a challenge to shoot anything beyond glossy postcard and calendar shots. But those are nice too, and if this was to be the weather condition of the day, then I just have to work with what nature gives me.

“So, what do you want to shoot? Landscapes, people, boats….what are you after?”

I thought a moment, and gave the day’s mission a word. “Character.” I want to capture to the character of the place – the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes Guysborough from other beautiful places on the planet.

Before I went to Nova Scotia, I had this image in my mind of what it would be like. I had this idea that it would be photogenic and beautiful, but I wasn’t sure what that would entail. Sure, there would be coastlines and beaches and trees…

…but what else?

I wanted to discover the elements that make up Guysborough. I also wanted to discover photogenic places that I’d likely have missed if I was just passing through. Who better to enlighten my eyes and my lens than a locally based photographer?

So I took a one day Authentic Seacoast Company photography tour with team member and local photographer, Derek Hendsbee, who is a source of inspiration for anyone wishing to explore the region “beyond the car window.” And we did just that.

“I’m a bit of a luddite,” shares Derek, “I don’t own a cellphone.”

I looked up from my phone mid-tweet, and realized this was perfect excuse…er, umm, opportunity, to BE HERE NOW. In other words, this meant our outing could go completely uninterrupted, just us and our cameras….as long as I turned off my cellphone too (swipe, done). This also meant that anyone following my instagram, facebook, and twitter accounts online would just have to wait for this blog post to see all the images from this day exploring Guysborough with a local. And, most importantly, this meant quality time to re-bond with my Canon 5DM2 and experiment with a new (all-purpose) 28-300mm lens, without also juggling the cellphone in and out of my pocket. I admit I’ve missed some great shots while I was busy changing lenses or posting something on my phone that just couldn’t wait. Not today. One camera, for one day. And no phone. Bliss.

To recount all the towns and beaches and marinas we explored during the day would take away from the imagery and character of the region itself, so for the purpose of staying focused, I’m just going to present here “The Guysborough Gallery”. I hope that in doing so, I’ve shed light on various elements that make up the character of Guysborough, Nova Scotia.






Be sure to see Road Trip for Cameras: Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore (part I).

My camera took a rediculous number of images, of which these are just a taste. Here’s the link to the full Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore & Guysborough Gallery.

If this looks like your kind of road trip vacation getaway, you’re in luck. DesBarres Manor Inn has many getaway packages available, and starting this summer they will also offer a Photography Package which will include a half or full day led by a local photographer. Your camera will thank you for it! And remember what I said about any kind of weather…

Disclosure: My visit to Nova Scotia was hosted by Authentic Seacoast Resorts, for whom locally-based photographer Derek is an employee. My accommodations were provided at DesBarres Manor Inn. My impressions, words, and images are entirely my own.


5 thoughts on “Road Trip for Cameras: The Guysborough Gallery (part II)

  1. What an incredible way to explore a destination! I love all of your photos and now I feel as though I've actually traveled with you to Nova Scotia. Beautiful!

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