Photo Friday: Kids Around the World – the Watoto Children of Uganda

If my previous post gave you an idea of what is to be expected in Seattle, then let this be testament to the pure joy and wonder of the unexpected. A truly spontaneous shoot transpired when I stumbled upon the Watoto Children’s Choir performing at Westlake Center in Seattle.
Watoto Slideshow – Images by Kymri Wilt

To say that the music moved me is an understatement. Then to learn that this beautiful group of smiling faces and uplifting voices is made up of Ugandan children who have been orphaned by AIDS, well, that’s all it took for the waterworks to flow. In between wiping tears from my eyes, I managed to capture these amazing images. It was my intent and hope to capture the spirit of their voices in a photograph, and I believe I have succeeded…in several.

Watoto‘s website explains the organization and mission extensively, simply put:

* Rescue a Child * Raise a Leader * Rebuild a Nation *

A look at the flyer and website reveals that there are many ways and opportunities to be generous. For me that means sharing and publishing these images to bring awareness to the AIDS-orphaned children of Uganda. Look with your eyes, listen with your heart.

So this is me. Sharing a bit of my heart.

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6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Kids Around the World – the Watoto Children of Uganda

  1. Gorgeous!The children look so happy and proud. I love the pictures of the girl with the missing front tooth.Whoever sadi you need a perfect set of teeth to look adorable.

  2. Kymri,I was there TOO! That's “our little Priscilla” in the photo bottom right at the top of the post. We have sponsored her for two years. She, two other girls, and Auntie Ruth stayed with us in our home when the choir was in San Diego. I will be there IN UGANDA when the choir returns home from their six-month tour July 8!

  3. Great shots! They absolutely capture the feeling. They were at our church a few days ago, and we had a couple of the boys stay with us. They were great kids, and the choir was absolutely wonderful.

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