Photo Friday – Simple Pleasures of Digital Photography

It’s Photo Friday, and that means another travel photo post of Kids Around the World. Today I just wanted to share one photo that illustrates what makes my theme so fun. Here’s the photo:

These Peruvian boys were playing in an open area of Aquas Calientes. I took a picture, and then they all rushed over to see themselves on the digital display on the back of my Canon EOS 5D. And then I took another picture, above, of their faces of approval. Upon seeing that, they just wanted more. And more.

It’s not the same as a print, but the instant gratification on the kid’s faces speaks for itself. My greatest pleasure in photographing children around the world is the ability to show them their image immediately. The best photo from the shoot is invariably the one I take of them immediately after seeing themselves on my camera display.

Happy Photo Friday! Check out delicious baby for more takes on Photo Friday, and here’s the link to see more engaging images of children in Peru.


3 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Simple Pleasures of Digital Photography

  1. Sweet! You can see their joy!Taking pictures of kids ( or of my kid) as we travel around the world on our open ended tour is one of my favorite things.

  2. It is amazing to see the impact digital photography has had on kids! It is pretty amazing instant gratification. Love your photographs. It’s obvious the children you meet trust you and enjoy being photographed.

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