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Hello, and a big warm California welcome to new visitors of my blog!

Now that you’ve watched the Tourism Queensland promotional video, you’re probably ready to learn more about me, see more of my photos, and read more about my adventures, right? So I thought I’d help you dig through the archives by providing some quick links to some of the highlights. ENJOY and please feel free to comment, subscribe, and become a follower!

Now for some highlights (in no particular order):

On the Set with Phil Mickelson
– a recent commercial/video game shoot in which I got to work both sides of the camera.

Tea & Geishas – some of the perks of being an international Travel Director, as experienced in Japan. Be sure to watch the video of me dancing with the Geisha!

Rob Machado – a world-famous surfer and local celebrity visits his (and my daughter’s) elementary school and makes a difference for the planet. With only a digital point and shoot, I created a small tribute on my mac to salute his worthy efforts.

Namibia: By Dune, Full Moon, and Hot Air Balloon – a relaxing photo journey when you need a reading break!

Killer Cats of Kwandwe
– true African safari adventure and some great wildlife shots!

Summer in London – just because I love it so!

On Being Active, Surfing, and Surfing Activism
– here’s a surf photo shoot and the story behind my own inspiration for it. I created this character called “The Green Executive” and this is his story.

Snorkelling in the Galapagos – self-explanatory, and my first jaunt with the underwater video camera.

Morocco – A Journey in Pictures – an 8 minute video slideshow, photo book, and multimedia experience all in one. Photographed, written, designed, and digitized by me as a pre-market trial of a photo scrapbooking software application. A MUST WATCH.

Nepal – Tharu, Rice, Tigers, Grass – Pulled from the handwritten journal archives, with scanned slides to enhance the story. A good adventure read!

2006 What a Year!
– One year of my life in a photographic nutshell: travel, photo assignments, experiences, and appearances.

Don’t Look at the Helicopter!
An article with pictures about the exciting job I did modelling for a yacht catalogue shoot. I’m just a natural on the water!

Shanghai’d! – one of my first posts from the field, and a first impression of dynamic Shanghai in pictures.

Arizona – Hands on Photographer
– A Rock-Climbing photo shoot story.


6 thoughts on “Discover Kymri & Mira Terra Images

  1. Hey Kymri,I got here via the interview from is awesome to meet someone else so passionate about travel! You appear to have hit more “corners” of the world than us so far, but we’re definitely getting there. Of all the places you’ve been, what do you think is your favorite?Nice to meet you and hope to be in touch!Warmest,Jonathan Kraft

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