Published in National Geographic!

….National Geographic Adventure magazine, that is, in the Dec/Jan Year End DOUBLE ISSUE (which means you have two months to pick up your copy at the newsstand!). Here’s what you’ll find on page 40, and also as the feature image thumb on the link above:

(By the way, the photo credit line appears on page 42)

But National Geographic editors aren’t the only ones with a good eye for a great take on Machu Picchu (the market is saturated with Machu Picchu images). The next image sequentially from the shoot was the first to be licensed and published this year, also a full page, by tour operator Jim Berkeley of Destinations & Adventures International. The whole brochure is stunning and gorgeous, but this is understandably my favorite, page 83:

Since the scan does not do it justice, you can visit DAI TRAVEL to order your free copy of the brochure, which features several other images of mine, like these, from China and Argentina:

I have to take a moment here and just say that Jim Berkeley is an all around great guy. He’s been a loyal fan of my photography, hand picking my images for the captivating brochures of DAI Travel since 2002. He’s also a highly respected travel industry guru and a wonderful person. Be sure to pay his website a visit to see more images!


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