Rob Machado: Because he cares….

Rob Machado is making a difference. He is an inspiration not only to the kids who comprise the next generation to be responsible for our planet, but to all of us. He’s just this guy who loves to surf, and got really good at it, and makes lots of money doing what he loves. It’s really that simple.

Well it could be, if you’re content to care only for yourself. But for Rob, there’s more to it than that. Having achieved celebrity status, especially after his role in the movie “Surf’s Up”, he’s putting his name, fame, and public appearances to good use: Education. Environment.

To that end Rob established the Rob Machado Foundation, whose mission is as follows:

“The Rob Machado Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization created to support various charities dedicated to environmental programs within Southern California. We aim to provide funding and initiate programs focused on helping children understand their contribution towards a healthy earth.” (source: Rob Machado Foundation)

This morning he came to speak at his hometown school, Cardiff Elementary, and the kids crowded him for autographs and the parents for pictures. He spoke to raise awareness about the environment, and about his contributions to the Cardiff Education Foundation. He’s already put his name on a Reusable Water Bottle Program, sponsored the Lunch Recycling Program, and this year will be sponsoring an Organic Gardening Program for Cardiff Elementary. There was even mention of looking into solar panels for the school in the future. Now that would be cool, literally.

Meanwhile, much fun was had at the Cardiff Elementary assembly where the whole school joined Rob in singing “Reduce Reuse Recycle”. He even danced, and charmed the kids effortlessly. He is a dad too, afterall.

While I am a professional photographer, I’m also a mom. I came to hear my daughter sing the song she’d been rehearsing all week in the car and at home with the dog. I left the big gear behind and opted for a more grassroots approach – the message being more important than the method. Besides, I think more people spend time on the internet than reading their local newspapers. And, well, it’s greener this way too.

So here’s my  one-minute video of Rob Machado at Cardiff Elementary. Enjoy, and be inspired.

And for further information about Rob and his Foundation, and the events going on this month for locals, check out his website at


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