Roxy Jam Womens Longboard Pro at Cardiff Reef

Here are some shots of some of the best female longboard surfers in the world, including Tasia Jones, Marissa Barry, Jennifer Smith, Cori Schumacher, Simone Robb, Kaitlin Maguire, and tournament winner, Lindsay Steinreide. I’ve got lots more from this two-day event, including tandem surf teams and some of the great legends themselves. Please inquire for any specifics and watch for the full surfing portfolio to appear on my main website at in the coming months.


17 thoughts on “Roxy Jam Womens Longboard Pro at Cardiff Reef

  1. Awesome! This is so inspiring! I am a women who designs custom longboards and this is just too cool! I am always looking for other women who skate, and I think I hit the jack-pot, thanks for sharing!Pamela Stevens

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